It seems that not a day passes by without reading of the horrible horrors associated with today’s life. Just like films and TV in days gone by it would appear the humble Video Game has surfaced as the great terror influencing the frozen yogurt machines youth of today’s modern culture. Two decades ago if you were to say the words video game to anyone it would conjure up visuals of fat moustache sporting Italian named plumbers making their way via a two-tone side scrolling enchanting land to an infuriatingly repetitive 8-bit soundtrack. However if you frozen yogurt machine utter exactly the same two words in 2009 you’re likely to be welcomed with a gasps and sighs of disgust as the image of a hooded teen in a darkened room with a year’s source of energy drinks and crisps piled up next to them. It appears frozen yogurt franchise very much that Video Games have become the enemy of the 21st Century however given the contrary nature of video game critics it is difficult to take this view seriously, however that has not ceased passionate recommends of today’s day video games doing their frozen yogurt upmost in outcry of this new medium of violence. None possibly have made more for the cause than Florida established attorney Jack Thompson. Thompson can make it his goal over the past decade to clear away the world of chaotic video games and make sure those which do slip through the new don’t fall in to the hands dog wheelchairs of those under 18. Mr. Thompson has a specific bee in his hood regarding one Edinburgh based publisher Rockstar Games. Since the launch of Grand Theft Auto as well as the Creation of Rockstar games in 1997 the realm of video game experts rejoiced at this new ‘scapegoat’, the combination of on screen dog wheelchair violence as well as hands on game play resulted in issues that video games may well be conditioning teenagers when it comes to severe violence. The games questionable images and soundtrack result in several claims being sacked, as it was not thought a title with these kinds of visuals will have a serious pet wheelchairs effect on a minors head. This changed with the launch of the PlayStation 2 in 2000 and Grand Theft Auto 3 the year after, this for the first time purchased truly 3D gaming to players. It has been with the launch of GTA 3 that Jack Thompson’s ears pricked up with great attention and it wasn’t a long time before dogwheelchairscenter he was at it again. In 2003 Dustin Lynch made a madness plea after being accused of murder declaring he was ‘obsessed’ with all the game and also been influenced by the game’s depiction of graphic violence. The plea was retracted and his mother explained that it had nothing to do with Video Games. As video games microdermabrasion machines have improved both graphically as well as in regards to game play they have adopted new tasks in society and in recent times have experienced a return to the family orientated entertainment center of the past but can video game developers truly claim total innocence? The Call of Duty microdermabrasion machine series is one of the most popular and successful businesses in video game history and has been used by the US army as a method of training the US armies soldiers in strategic fight the same is true this does not microderm machine enforce the argument that video games can indeed ‘train’ players in violent scenarios? Well not quite, indeed the developments made in video games has made how much reality unquestionably detailed nevertheless can it really be argued that the current youth are uneducated enough to fight to distinguish between real world and a number of colored diamond microdermabrasion machines pixels on a television screen? The contrary nature described earlier plays into this issue. Weight problems in recent times is becoming a real hot topic in the USA and indeed Britain and what was being blamed? Yes, yes it’s Camera Stabilizer true the time being spent in front of the small screen gaming, so it’s hard to imagine these overweight gamers who evidently spend nothing short of ‘all’ their time in front of the television causing chaos and dysfunction on the streets of this country. The video game rating system ensures titles meant for adults aren’t offered to minors however it doesn’t make camera stabilizers sure that they will not be enjoyed by such children at some time. The same rating system is in place in the USA however it is not as tight as that in the UK and mature titles happen to be sold to underage US kids. Grand Theft video camera stabilizer Auto even though a favorite for the prosecution is not the only franchise to be blamed, the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007 which saw the worst shootings of its kind in modern history, Jack Thompson was fast to lay the blame completely at the door of this exciting entertainment form after he stated, killer Seung-Hui Cho was obviously a Glidegear fan of first person shooter counterstrike nevertheless it was later exposed by Cho’s roommates that they had never even seen him playing the game. Nevertheless the claim had great resonance in the UK resulting in many retailers neglecting to stock certain titles one of these is another of Rockstar’s snoring mouthpiece titles ‘Canis Canem Edit’ originally referred to as bully which underwent a name change for the UK market because of pressure on the publisher, inspite of the game completely encouraging bullying. The massacre also led to the suspending of the sequal to controversial Manhunt in the UK market. As with mobile phones and their obvious links to cancer much research has been done in to the outcomes of abuse and video games, and it is not just abuse that has been researched,, it is also video games apparent glamorization of sex, drugs and maybe even rock and roll’. And what’s the final outcome? Well obviously research showed no significant link between video games and violent crimes, sexual attack or drug intake. But alcohol on the contrary can be immediately linked with the above however has this led to a global damning of alcohol? No. So what about our friend Mr. Thompson? What did he make of this study? Well, not much as it happens however in an indication that video games are ‘fighting back’ in a completely non violent way of course he has since been prohibited by the state of Florida from submitting any new cases due to poor conduct and harming the system. So great news games are free, well if perhaps it were that simple. Critics will continue to search for an easy reason in justifying a youngster’s behaviour and when the white coat dressed forensics move in they may well continue to march past the sawed off shot gun and the newest edition of shooting for starters and march straight for the games room and the newest video game having an 18 certificate. But we ask some critics to think about this, the gangs or the games which emerged first? Meanwhile we await the most recent medium that will twist and destroy the minds of the kids of the world abandoning logic, reason towards accusing the gorgeous and changing world of modern activities.